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simmy's Notes
I ❤ ABBA!! (isn't it obvious? :D )
Mhhh your harmonies are perfect....don't worry
Posted by rosamusic on 03/27/2012.
Thank you Gégé :)
Posted by simmy on 03/28/2012.
Simmy you are on the ABBA tour?
Uncle is wright it's great....BRAVA!!!!
Posted by rosamusic on 03/27/2012.
SIMMY sei al massimo della bravura e della simpatia.....ccome a
amo il film mamma mia lo sai e questa canzone mi ricorda il film
bellissima interpretazione GRAZIE...and hugs
Posted by kryspaul on 03/24/2012.
Super, Simmy!
Wow, how many voice tracks did you sing here?
Not just Agnetha and Anni-Frid, but Benny & Björn, too. Haha.

Your harmonies actually seem a little jumbled and rough this
time, to me, but your lead vocal is wonderful. I just love your

Is there a particular Midomi listener "somewhere in the crowd"
to whom you are dedicating this? Haha.
Posted by HowardH on 03/23/2012.
I agree.. I'm not happy with my harmonies too.. gnè... what to
do.. but I just love singing them even if they're not good
hahaha.. I had a lot of fun singing this one :)

Somewhere in the crowd? Uhmm.. maybe..
Posted by simmy on 03/23/2012.
Even if the harmonies aren't perfect, it's always a joy to
listen to you, Sim. (I'm sorry I mentioned it -- what am I? A
music critic? LOL.)

You've been to Glascow?
Posted by HowardH on 03/23/2012.
Hahaha.. it's OK :) you don't have to be sorry :) we aren't
perfect, right? So this is an absolutely normal comment to get :)

No, I haven't been to Glasgow, and usually I also try to avoid
stages... I would say this song is really not for me :)) hahaha..
Posted by simmy on 03/24/2012.
Wowo !!!! So Great !!!!!
Genius Dot Simmy !!!!
You rock midomi , friends and rule our minds and heart always
he he he whether you share your song or not, thy music lover
fans find you ....he he he ...Loves my child ...many poems are
waiting you with translation !!!! Loves
Jain Uncle
Posted by skjaindoha on 03/23/2012.
oh,nice miss agnetha...=====
i souvenir from my teenage days.. daniela
Posted by chanteuse1 on 03/23/2012.
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