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Mike_P performs
Le Chanteur - remix as requested
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Mike_P's Notes
I had plans for uploading a Xmas song (of course) but... things happened and it is not ready... will keep it for next year... Meanwhile, I have a special gift upon friends request (and after careful consideration , hey you see Howie... I didn' forget...). Here is the remix version of "Le Chanteur". ... I whistle you all a Merry Xmas, cheers, Mike (link to MP3: http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/9/2/2959464/Music_my recordings/le chanteur - remix.mp3
Hi Divya.
I have been away for a while, travelling and overloaded with
Thank you, I wish I could see the smile on your face ;)
Although a bit late in answering, allow me to wish you a
marvellous 2011and lots of new recordings.
Posted by Mike_P on 01/23/2011.
hmm.. this really brings smile to my face. merry christmas, Mike

Posted by septem2080 on 12/28/2010.
Hi Dewi,
I can see your smile on your nice new picture!
Xmas being over, I wish you a wonderful 2011.
Hey this time I was online to catch your visit hehe. No missed
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
Bonjour cher Henri ;)
Juste à temps pour te souhaiter encore Joyeux Noël!
Disons que tu as donné une "allure" personnelle à cette
chanson ^_¨
C'est bien réussi ! Que les étoiles brillent pour toi ce soir
*****(et plein d'autres soirs bien sûr)
Posted by misspronce on 12/25/2010.
Hi Lara,
Ce ne sont pas les etoiles mais mes yeux qui brillent de te
Nice Xmas Avatar ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
Very good my friend....
Et je te souhaite un joyeux Noel aussi.....
Posted by rosamusic on 12/24/2010.
Hi Gege,
Et moi, je te souhaite une bonne et heureuse annee et plein de
super tubes sur midomi.
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
very nice song and your sung very very nice......congratulations
and xmas stars...best wishes
Posted by kryspaul on 12/23/2010.
Hi Paolo,
Always happy to read you.
This was a remix asked by Howie to add whistling to one of my
previous recordings.
Glad you liked it.
Best wishes for you too.
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.

*~*Joyeux Noël, Mike!!!! :) *~*
Posted by simmy on 12/24/2010.
Hi Sim,


Hope you had a Merry Xmas and already wish you a Happy New Year,
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
It makes complete sense to me, Mike, that your Christmas song
might not be ready, yet you can dash this little ditty off in
less than 4 minutes! Counter-melodies like this seem to just FLOW
freely from your lips. You are a natural at this! It's sheer

Thanks for this remix, Mike. ***** And it gives us a chance to
hear your vocal again. (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 12/23/2010.
Hi Howie,
I knew you would be there!
To be honest, it took a bit more than 4 minutes... A couple of
recordings, and a bit of mixing. But it is true that I create
these freely, I just whistle along what the music inspires me.
Happy you liked your Xmas gift and thanks for always motivating
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
(^_^) Merry Christmas, Mike.
And Happy New Year to you, too.
Posted by HowardH on 12/28/2010.
Tu es le plus merveilleux chanteur de ce temps heureux! Joyeux
Noel mon ami!
Posted by asteroid on 12/23/2010.
Thank you dear Asteroid.
Although i think you are exaggerating... just a little bit ;)
Now my turn to wish you the best for 2011!
Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
You know that my French is not good enough to give an accurate
and meaningful compliment, lol
Posted by asteroid on 12/28/2010.
Bravo************favoloso********** Always your voice is a so
beautiful gift my dear MIKE******** Feliz navidad*********
Posted by pagarvi on 12/23/2010.
Hi Patty,
Howard, Rayo and Hera requested a remix as I didn't whistle in
the first recording Howie said" couldn't this song have used
a little whistling help? ^-^"
Then I recorded a sample for 1 minute but Howie wanted more...
and Rayo and Hera joined so here it is.

Thanks for this Xmas comment! And...I love you xmas cat and hat.

Posted by Mike_P on 12/28/2010.
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