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M.U.S.I.C <3
Ghost Town
Katie Melua
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Recorded: 11/14/2008
Notes: I´ll make another rendition of this song
that is profetional dear sara!!!
excelent, excelent, excelent!!!
beautiful song, nice voice, excelent
performanc and woth more, only stars,
stars, stars for my dear
sarita!!!!!5***** noooo more, ***
c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!!!!!
Posted by silbaril on 04/05/2009.
Gracias Sil!!!!!!
Posted by sharah on 04/06/2009.
Great rendition Sarah! You have such a
sexy and rich sound! Sending you 5 big
stars hun! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/25/2008.
Thank you so much Diane!!!I'm glad that
you like!!In fact I thought that this
rendition wasn´t very good!!Hugs
Posted by sharah on 11/27/2008.
KAT,,, I see yoy deep inside in this
song,,, VERY WELL,,, STARS MUCHAS !!!!!!
Posted by magares on 11/14/2008.
Hi!!! Thank you!!
Posted by sharah on 11/15/2008.
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