As the flagship project for what would prove to be one of modern salsa's most illustrious artists, Con Ganas has an indisputable place in history, not only as Issac Delgado's first appearance after parting with the genre-defining NG la Banda, but also as what will come to be known as a landmark album for the timba style. With a cast of characters behind the scenes and in the studio such as drummer/arranger Giraldo Piloto and Latin jazz superstar Gonzalo Rubalcaba, it seems that Con Ganas was destined for greatness from the beginning. The conflagration of such brilliant instrumentalists and arrangers with the never obtrusive, curiously charming Delgado created an album that fulfills destiny and exceeds expectations. Many modern timba records seem to pull out all the stops and drive toward a place in history with reckless abandon in a whirlwind of syncopation and hungry horns. Delgado and his crew employ a different strategy, seeking to charm with masterfully crafted arrangements and mature choices that fit like the perfect suit. The more tranquilo of the two options does not sacrifice heat, but instead applies it in effective measure. The brief glimpses of virtuosity, because of their scarcity, are an awe-inspiring flash of fire. Con Ganas is poetry from start to finish. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi

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