Celtic and Scandinavian folk might seem an unlikely combination, but the two are fused with interesting results on Swap's mostly instrumental (Sic). Swap is a half-Scandinavian, half-British quartet that unites Swedish fiddlers Ola Backstrom and Carina Normansson with London native Karen Tweed (accordion) and Welsh guitarist Ian Carr. When they exchange ideas, the results are as successful as they are unorthodox. Elements of Irish, Scottish and Breton music fit perfectly with elements of traditional Scandinavian folk, and touches of pop-rock are sometimes added to the stew. But despite the pop-rock touches that are heard here and there, the acoustic-oriented Swap is coming from more of a folk perspective than a pop perspective. Those seeking something fresh-sounding from world music should making a point of obtaining this CD. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi

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