• 1.
    Mexico/The Brave Chipmunks
  • 2.
    Japan/Japanese Banana
  • 3.
    France/I Wish I Could Speak French
  • 4.
    Arabia/Stuck in Arabia
  • 5.
    Germany/August Dear
  • 6.
    North Pole/Rudolph the Red Nosed...
  • 7.
    Hawaii/The Pidgin English Hula
  • 8.
    Italy/Oh Gondaliero
  • 9.
    Scotland/Comin' Thru the Rye
  • 10.
  • 11.
    Switzerland/The Magic Mountain
  • 12.
    England/Lily of Laguna


The Chipmunks were the product of record producer Ross Bagdasarian, and was one of the most inventive novelty projects of it's time. Of course, it's for children of all ages. The slightly dry narration of Dave Seville (Ross's alter ego?) coupled with the 'Monks speeded-up voices created excellent kids comedy. On this album, they are taking a trip around the world, seeing cultures and singing songs from various countries. It was actually educational as well as entertaining. And what fun. Oh yeah, some of those original albums with the mirror-paper covers (in good condition) fetch a pretty penny in collectors marketplaces. ~ Matthew Greenwald, Rovi

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