Overdose is nothing if not consistent. On 1999's Circus of Death, Brazil's second most famous metal band try again to emerge from beneath the shadow of Sepultura with their neo-prog thrash. Guitarists Claudio David and Sergio Cichovicz's twin power riffing is impressive, and drummer Andre Marcio equals their contribution with plenty of extreme metal musicianship of his own. As with other Overdose releases, no particular song, or even just a chorus, can be singled out as more memorable than the next. The band's politically themed lyrics would carry more weight if there were some defining vocal elements that worked off of (instead of over) the many fine riffs provided by David, Cichovicz, and bassist Fernando Pazzini. While they might lack songwriting instincts equal to metal's most successful artists, Overdose still demonstrate a level of intensity and polished musicianship on Circus of Death that is rare among bands with their underground status. ~ Vincent Jeffries, Rovi

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