• 1.
    Jaiyo Na Jaiyo
  • 2.
    Gali Gali Shor
  • 3.
    Kaunse Dariya
  • 4.
    O Majhi Teri
  • 5.
    Mera Naam Pannabai
  • 6.
    Kaunse Dariya Kaunse


With Aar Paar, R.D. Burman reached the tag end of his inverted bell-shaped career when most of his soundtracks failed to make any impression on audiences and film producers and thus most of them backed away from extending any new project to this composer who ruled the Indian charts in much of 1970s. By the '80s, Burman had exhausted his musical capacity and what remained in the last decade of his career was nothing more than an unsuccessful attempt to regain his lost glory. Aar Paar was among the 12 soundtracks that he composed in 1985; none (except Saagar) of which survived for long on the radio playlists. A noticeable fact around this time is the beginning of a sequential degradation of Indian cinema and its music, which formed as the staple diet of music consumers in the country; by then with much of the industry was being driven by likely R.D. Burman clones like Mohammed Aziz and Bappi Lahiri. Burman had earned his well-deserved fame by this time and a thud ending of this sort, though unwarranted, was nevertheless gracefully overlooked. Yet he returned to write some marvelous music years later with Ijaazat and 1942: A Love Story before his death in 1994. "O Majhi Teri" being the lone appreciable song on the list here highlights the mellow singing capacity of the composer himself. Aar Paar was an Indo- Bangladeshi co-production and thus Bangladeshi singer Sabina Yashmin was the most likely inclusion as the female vocal here. ~ Bhasker Gupta, Rovi

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