Now featuring Lingerie, a former superfan who replaces the gone-solo Pleasure P, Pretty Ricky take another step toward autonomy on their self-titled album, produced entirely by member Diamond Blue. Officially the group's third album, following the leaked and subsequently shelved Eighties Babies, Pretty Ricky does not offer much in the way of development or maturity. As narrow-minded as ever, the group's lyrics are split between conveying what they are going to do to their prospective conquests and what those prospective conquests are going to do for them. The press bio describes the group as "borderline raunchy," but who knows where that line exists when "There's a stripper pole in my bedroom, and it's calling for you" is the album's warmest sweet nothing? "Leave that p*ssy purple like Barney" and "Slice you like Freddy Krueger, don’t need no Kama Sutra" are much more representative. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

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