• 5.
    It's Your Love on My Mind
  • 6.
    I Want to Love You
  • 7.
    Scream and Shout


When Instant Funk moved from Philadelphia International's TSOP label to Salsoul, all of the pieces fell into place for the band -- both commercially and creatively. While its first album, Get Down With the Philly Jump, was decent but uneven, its second and third albums were generally excellent. For Instant Funk, switching labels didn't mean switching producers -- the Philadelphians worked with Bunny Sigler at TSOP and continued to work with him at Salsoul. Sigler was the ideal producer for Instant Funk because he really understood what the band was going for: an unorthodox blend of Philly soul/disco and the type of hardcore funk that other cities were better known for. Sigler is a major asset on Witch Doctor, which was Instant Funk's second album for Salsoul and its third album overall. From the sweaty funk of "Bodyshine" (a major hit), "Slap, Slap Lickedy Lap," and "Witch Doctor" to the smooth ballad "I Had a Dream," Sigler does right by Instant Funk on this solid effort. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi

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