The song "Donald Thorn" became a minor hit on Los Angeles radio as well as a theme song for Milo Binder. The song stood out for its wry lyrics about a boy who would have existed except for his parents' failure to connect on a date, and some who heard it pigeonholed Binder as a humorous solo folky. Binder's sole album shows that he was a much broader talent, both as a musician and a lyricist. Rather than just a solo guitarist, he was capable of delicate, layered arrangements that subtly enhanced his intelligent, perceptive lyrics. These cover a variety of topics -- "Suffering Into Art" takes challenging, bleak subject matter and saves it with a warm delivery, and "Effigy" goes even further in a compassionate look at a twisted soul. Elsewhere the mood is lighter with the beautiful "New Toy," a song that a child could love but only an adult could understand. It is sung from the viewpoint of a toy that knows it will be set aside when a child grows up, but hopes for rediscovery by an adult who cherishes memories of childhood. Milo Binder sings everything on the album in a plain, heartfelt style that suits the songs well and keeps the focus on the words and the feelings behind them, and that simple strategy is a real winner here. ~ Richard Foss, Rovi

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