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Although Mick Farren personally licensed the tracks for this disc, it's a disappointing bastardization of the original Ptooff! LP. Only four of the seven tracks are presented; omitted are the walking blues "Charlie" and, more crucially, the flower-child ballad "Child of the Sky" and the guitar instrumental "Bun." Don't settle for this if you can find the original album. Perhaps Farren was embarrassed by the tracks for some reason, preferring only to reissue the hard-rocking, pre-punk efforts, but the loss of the other material deals a fatal blow to the diversity that was essential in making the album so interesting in the first place. Concerned about listeners that only want to hear the confrontational, noisy stuff on their CD reissue? They can skip the offending items easily enough -- that's what CD players are for! ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

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