Is it hardcore or is it death metal? No, this isn't some warped play on the famous Memorex ad slogan, but rather a very valid question after listening to Emmure's debut album, 2007's Goodbye to the Gallows. Like many modern-day metal bands, Emmure vocalist Frank Palmeri can shapeshift his voice to resemble a death metal growler, a hardcore barker, and also a melodic metal singer. And the players are equally adept at pulling off all the tricky time signatures and start-stop-start bits that abound throughout the album. Such tracks as the album-opener "A Ticket to the Paralyzer," as well as "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" are both good examples of Emmure's brutal and unpredictable sound and approach. Certainly not easy to digest music, by any means. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi

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