• 1.
    Not Getting Your Name
  • 2.
    Nora Marie
  • 3.
    I Believe We Can Do It
  • 4.
    Someone Like You
  • 5.
    Up Late Again
  • 6.
    It's Always the Same
  • 7.
    Shy Girl
  • 8.
    It's Only Love
  • 9.
    If I'm Not Right
  • 10.
    New York Can Wait
  • 11.
    Last Promise
  • 12.
    Don't Blame Me
  • 13.
    Meant Something to Me


Tyler Hilton is an amazing singer/songwriter and performer. He has a natural magnetism that puts the listener at ease. He presents his songs with a heart and soul presentation that highlights his creatively written lyrics. The maturity evident in his songwriting skills is well beyond his age, and screams prodigy. The compositions from the album have a fresh, vibrant feel, while at times containing a familiar quality with a strong Americana essence. Tyler's vocal style hits the listener from the first tune, "Not Getting Your Name," like a breath of fresh air. The maturity and comfortable nature of his vocals are striking and extremely impressive. The clean acoustic guitar sounds from Tyler and Tommy Hilton are balanced neatly by the piano nuances from Guy Moon and Cary Park's smoking electric guitar accents. The tight rhythm section, comprised of Matt Bissonette on bass and Rodger Carter on drums, lends to the overall strength and energy of the magnetic rock essence in "Not Getting Your Name." "New York Can Wait" features some hot keyboard accents from Guy Moon, along with some classic, smoking harmonica chops from Jimmy Z. Patrick Pearsall's impressive fretwork on the electric lead guitar solos are another key attraction in the piece. Tyler's vocal style on "New York Can Wait" is slightly altered from his signature style, but complements the melody and packs a powerful punch to strengthen the lyrics. Jimmy Z is back with his charismatic harmonica to keep the energy level up for "Don't Blame Me." Tyler croons out the lyrics to this country swing with a jazz-blues edge in a rapid-fire smoothness which leaves the listener in disbelief. Jeff Stover's masterful presence on the stand-up bass lends to the strength in the foundation, which allows for the formidable melodic expansion of the song. Tyler teams up with his dad on some powerful acoustic guitar playing which forms the base for his vocal presentation on "Meant Something to Me." Two extremely talented musicians create an emotion-filled piece that has beauty in the lyrics connected to a melody that is equally enchanting. What a marvelous way to bring closure to an album that one will hold near and dear to their heart. One will have to play this album over and over again to confirm that it is as good as one believed it to be the first time around. After a half-dozen spins on the deck, one becomes totally convinced that Tyler has created a unique, original, and very entertaining musical masterpiece. While he does not create songs that are extremely different from material considered powerful rock & roll or blues, he does have a charm in his presentation which makes him very unique and charismatic. His lyrics are easily related to and the melodies are infectious, which adds up to a winning combination. Having a Brian Wilson-esque California Midas touch, Tyler Hilton is an artist who should certainly be watched and listened to very prudently. ~ Larry Belanger, Rovi

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