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In 1997 Novos Baianos got together again for a show where this double Cd was live recorded. Mixing new tunes to their hits ("Acabou chorare," "A menina dança," "Besta é tu," "Preta pretinha"), two instrumental numbers where Jorginho Gomes (cavaquinho) and Pepeu (mandolin and electric guitar) can display their virtuosity, also covering classic Brazilian tunes ("Na cadência do samba," "Brasil pandeiro" - a hit from their second album - and "Samba da minha terra"), they produced a subtle sounding album, where their musical virtuosity is expressed in electric samba/pop renditions. Pepeu is strong as always at his pop/rock guitar, Baby do Brasil brings her sometimes girlish, sometimes throaty but always swinging voice, Moraes Moreira, Paulinho Boca de Cantor and Galvão, supported as in their beginning by the former A Cor do Som member Dadi (bass). The album doesn't surpass the warm spontaneity of their two opening releases, but will appeal to their fans as a sincere effort. ~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi

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