The definitive Mu collection. Besides including all of the 1971 Mu album, this double CD also includes all of the 1974 Mu material that surfaced on the Reckless End of an Era compilation, as well as the four 1974 Mu tracks that were included on Merrell Fankhauser's The Maui Album (also originally on Reckless). Don't worry about sorting out the discographical details; what you need to know is that this has everything in its best-ever sound quality, as well as one song ("You've Been There Before") that never came out on the Reckless LPs. The 1974 cuts aren't on the same level as the songs from the 1971 LP, but at its best, this is still cosmic folk-blues-rock in the best sense of the term. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

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