• 1.
    Qui Je Suis
  • 2.
    Le Coeur Cassé
  • 3.
    Le Chemin du Retour
  • 4.
    Un Coeur de Cristal
  • 5.
    Ma Nouvelle Robe
  • 6.
    Je T'ai Toujours Aimé
  • 7.
    Un Jour J'Te Raconterai
  • 8.
    L 'Humeur Vagabonde
  • 9.
    Danse Avec Moi
  • 10.
    Les Amis de l'Ouest
  • 11.
    Je T'Attendrai
  • 12.
    Monsieur Henri
  • 13.
    Mon Père
  • 14.
    La Fin Est Triste


Renée Martel made a name for herself in the '70s and '80s as one of the top Franco-country singers in Quebec, following in her father's (Marcel Martel) footsteps. After a slow withdrawal from the public eye in the 2000s and a bout with cancer, Martel eventually returned with new albums, including 2008's L'Héritage. The sound is nostalgic, the tempo slow. The nostalgic vibe makes sense given the album title, a little bumping set of songs, lap steel-laden pieces that make for a simple drive through the countryside of someone's memory. Fans should be thrilled with this solid release, looking back at the sounds of yesteryear even within a genre that's known for being nostalgic to begin with. This is the music that Martel built herself on, and she still packs the proper punches to deliver it the way it should be. ~ Adam Greenberg, Rovi

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