The most produced of her records, Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars' self-titled record maintains that minimal style inherent in Doiron's previous releases. Wooden Stars are the perfect band to work with Julie Dorion. Both capture the sense of the other, blending wonderfully. Most of the tunes are straight-ahead rock with keyboards and vocals accenting the bass and drums. A charm exists in the play between the vocals and the music, where it seems the songs may fall apart at times. These moments are usually backed up with total fixed aim on the next track. "The Best Thing for Me" is a faster metered song with a direct approach. Doiron's vocals have matured with a deeper power and fun play with harmony. The syncopated syllables are still intact, giving an emphasis to the psychology of the lyrics. One can tell that these songs were written on guitar. Drums are used correctly in this case, accenting the beautiful guitar style. Guitar melodies and solos blend nicely with ending jams, leaving the listener in the air with the twinkling tones. "Sweeter" is the closing track that has been reworked from Loneliest in the Morning. The male vocals are more present, adding a sense of longing. In the face of a more produced, upbeat record, a sadness underlies all of the tracks, making this record very successful, deserving of the 2000 Canadian Juno Award. ~ Francis Arres, Rovi

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