Otra Nota was the world's introduction to a young salsero who later in his career would be crowned king. Even on his debut performance, Marc Anthony has a developed, unique, and individual voice. Though he is still quite youthful here and the album is smoother around the edges than more recent works, it is evident that Anthony has brought quality and passion to his listeners from the beginning. The memorable melodies and singable coros that made Anthony a household name are present from the very first track, "Palabras de Alma." His edgy improvisation and wide vocal range are showcased well with tunes like "Hasta Que Te Conoci" and "Necesito Amarte." With much more pop influence than future projects, this release contains English-language tunes like "Make It with You." The reverb-saturated and synthesizer-heavy production typical of the time period soaks Anthony's pop-oriented balladry. Thankfully, these elements do not affect the majority of the salsa-driven repertoire. Super-producer Sergio George's mark is unmistakable, having worked with some of the genre's most successful artists. Though the production is quite dated in places, the overall quality of the arrangements is outstanding. Stylistic considerations notwithstanding, Anthony's debut is at the least a strong promise for the future, and arguably as strong as any release to follow. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi

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