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Back in the Saddle Again


This 12-song budget collection covers Autry's early career at Columbia Records, much of which is not usually included on compilations -- not only the expected cowboy songs ("Way Out West in Texas," "The Dying Cowgirl," etc., which feature Autry yodeling), but blues as well. Going back to 1931 and "Mississippi Valley Blues," a duet with Jimmy Long, and other, less-well-remembered songs, the sound is rougher and less sophisticated than that which he subsequently achieved in the studio. Some of the music almost has the texture of field recordings, Autry's basic, unaffected singing style and the relatively primitive recorded sound combining to give the music an authentic feel that is startling. The version of "Back in the Saddle Again" featured here is also different from that usually included in Autry collections. The age and conditions of some of the masters have made this disc a little noisier than usual, but for fans who want to hear what Autry sounded like early in his career, add an extra notch to the rating. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

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