A pretty handy release that covers all the unreleased and hard to find material from this influential Ramones-esque pop-punk band. But considering that a majority of these tracks were recorded between 1989 through 1995 at various studios, the sound quality and style blatantly vary. For example, the first several tracks of Kill the Musicians document Screeching Weasel before their first break-up, featuring a more aggressive, skate-punk sound somewhat lacking in production. Not to the point that the songs are unlistenable; they just don't compare to the clear recordings and snotty pop-punk the band is known for. That side of Screeching Weasel can be found on the later tracks, along with some live recordings taken from their last American tour. But regardless of what this band's most appealing era is, Kill the Musicians would be the compilation needed to help fulfill one's goal of owning everything Screeching Weasel has ever put out. Besides, their classic Punkhouse EP is included here, which alone makes it worth the purchase of this record. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi

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