Award-winning producer David Axelrod brought his quirky classical compositions to the Royal Festival Hall in 2008. Axelrod, known for producing jazz greats such as Stan Kenton and Cannonball Adderley for Capitol Records, has worked as a composer, arranger, and producer for over 50 years. The concert was designed to be orchestral arrangements of rock songs and the album begins with an almost unrecognizable version of the Rolling Stones' hit "Paint It Black." While some songs, such as "The Edge" feature more guitar-heavy tracks, many are fully fleshed-out orchestral arrangements. Unfortunately, the music does not hold up to contemporary standards of great songwriting and arranging. "Holy Are You" has cheesy instruments and vocals, while "The Sick Rose" sounds like a corny James Bond-esque smooth jazz number. "London" features the vibraphone, which can sound amazing as a jazz instrument, but in the rock world, sounds too smooth and schmaltzy. There was certainly a time for this type of music, but other than for nostalgic purposes, it does not have a place in our current musical climate, where this style is no longer popular. ~ Hannah Epstein, Rovi

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