• 1.
    Struck in the Rain
  • 2.
    You're the Only Love
  • 3.
    It Won't Be You
  • 4.
    Cruel Hearted Lovers
  • 5.
    It Must Be Love
  • 6.
    Little Boys
  • 7.
    All That I Want
  • 8.
    Here's the World
  • 9.
    Rhythm Slaves
  • 10.
    Never Leave This Place


Messing with a known brand name is always a tricky proposition -- if people feel like you're tampering with something they trust, they may abandon you altogether. With the release of Here's the World for Ya, the record label decided to put lead singer Paul Hyde's name out front in an effort to hang some fame onto a single recognizable person instead of a fairly anonymous group. The short version of the story is that the tactic didn't really do much for Paul Hyde's own career, though this David Foster-produced album did net the group a few hit singles, including "Stuck in the Rain," the title track, and the power ballad "You're the Only Love." Though it's certainly a pleasant-sounding album, David Foster's overly slick, keyboard-heavy production robs the band of the immediacy that raised previous albums up from pleasant to truly compelling. In the end, Bob Rock had the last laugh in terms of the name-recognition sweepstakes, becoming one of the most sought-after producers in the business. Go figure. ~ Sean Carruthers, Rovi

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