Why would these boys be blue? Well, one thing upsetting them back in the late 80's might have been the music business, since when this record was made they were both earning a living as housepainters, despite their rock glory years. Brown had practically owned the radio one summer with the insane hit "Fire, while Black was a former member of the Mothers of Invention, which under the leadership of Frank Zappa became perhaps the most notorious rock band in American history. These Austin sessions are more about the roots rock both Black and Brown love, and one could say they really didn't dig too far to find songs to cover, sticking to warhorses. Some listeners may find the list of titles a bit discouraging, in fact. Once past this roadblock, though, and the scenery gets nice as the musicians in the backseat find effective grooves and the two leaders keep things interesting, Brown with his original vocal style and Black with his soulful drumming. Oh, and by the way, the name of their painting company was Black and Brown Painters. ~ Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi

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