When it comes to her delivery and overall style, singer Dev falls somewhere between Kesha (the slickness, the street slang) and Robyn (the Euro influence, the ability to go semi-deadpan), which in 2012 is a great place to be. That right place/right time feeling radiates throughout the dance-pop singer's debut album, and while there's a kinetic excitement that makes the opening "Getaway" sound monumental and the following booty number "In My Trunk" sound so sexy, The Night the Sun Came Up bounces between the worlds of Kesha and Robyn without a care for overall flow, as if club tracks that make Kardashian-sized claims ("Lightspeed") always sit best next to soft, heartfelt teenage dreams ("Dancing Shoes"). Maybe they do if forgetting stuff in your locker is still an issue, but thanks to Dev's chameleon-like abilities (she's not the one you take home to mother, and then she is) and production team the Cataracs' keen sense of what makes electro pop, The Night the Sun Came Up is a track-by-track success, offering readily accessible bits of dance-pop sass or dance-pop bliss whenever they're desired. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

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