On this strong follow-up to Formula, Issac Delgado mixes things up. Versos en el Cielo is as heavenly as the title implies. The funk-tinged "Yo Te Quiero Maria" is characterized by the cross-genre interplay that listeners have come to love and appreciate from Delgado. Though some artists attempt to play matchmaker between styles, it normally ends up sacrificing the integrity of both. Not so with Delgado. He brings pop sensitivity in places, like the suave "Quien Fuera," with equal success to his jazzy vibraphone-laced "Orden del Dia." The surprising jazz ballad "Quedate Este Bolero" demonstrates his daring and confident artistry. And of course, Delgado's vocal performance is as smooth and masterful as ever. Even when the band kicks and rocks beneath him, he crafts round, effortless phrase after phrase. With seasoned veterans like Robert Quintero, Ralph Irizarry, and Miguel Nuñez in the credits column, the caliber of musicians involved is a match only for Delgado himself. Though not a standout among his past triumphs, Versos en el Cielo is certainly an artistic success. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi

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