The passionate trio known as Camila took three years off after their debut album, Todo Cambió, shook the Latin music world with its 21st century twist on the power ballad. Their return effort, Dejarte de Amar, suggests the time off was used to explore the possibilities of this sound. Here, the heart-wrenching songs have evolved from a Maroon 5 size to a larger -- and arguably better -- sound that’s Coldplay big, filling the speakers with layers of strings, rock guitars, and full-bodied piano. The opening highlight, “Mientes,” is on the soft side of the spectrum, while the powerful “Maya” proves the trio can deliver that fist-in-the-air-type number with the same skill. Fans who fell for the first album are likely to fall even harder for this well-crafted and more ambitious follow-up. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

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