Collected Works is a semi-unnecessary record, in that it simply collects tracks from two other Masaki Batoh releases: first, there was Ghost from Darkened Sea, which laid out a sparser take on the acid-folk sound of Batoh's main project, Ghost; then there was Kikaokubeshi, which dabbled in elements of ambience and mysterious energy, conjuring up a smoother, dreamier, and less earthy sound. Collected Works, probably intended to reach further into international audiences, collects several tracks from each, including covers of Can's "Yoo Doo Right" and Cream's "World of Pain" -- Batoh's pretty, minimal constructions of acoustic guitars, harmonium, maribma, bells, organs, and traditional Japanese instruments is both emotionally effective and conceptually amazing, and hearing his best tracks compiled almost makes his solo work seem more appealing than that of Ghost. ~ Nitsuh Abebe, Rovi

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