Level adds intriguing elements to the rap/metal mix on its full-length debut. The band's sound is somewhat lighter than that of most bands to which it might be compared; when the bandmembers crank into overdrive, as on the choruses of the meticulously arranged "Living Inside of Me" and "This Decision," they've set the stage with moments of lower intensity that translate to maximum mileage-per-decibel at ear-bleeding levels. Tiny sonic elements sprinkled throughout the mix add sparkle to the sound -- some tiny synthesizer bleeps in "Down," nifty panning and filtering effects in the intro to "ATV" and the space between "Unstable" and "Shattered," and a complex overlay of tight, gated drums and milky, echo-drenched guitars and effects on the enigmatic instrumental "Subliminal." These details may persuade fans of the hardest hardcore music that Level lacks muscle; even more alarming, the acoustic version of "Shattered" borders on sensitivity. But the fact is that whether examined up close or experienced at maximum volume, Level deserves credit for opening the genre to a broader range of creativity. ~ Robert L. Doerschuk, Rovi

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