• 1.
    Mayaal [Attracted to You]
  • 2.
    Meen Gheirik [Where Else?]
  • 3.
    Toubah [Never Again]
  • 4.
    Izzayyak [How Have You Been?]
  • 5.
    Awwil Ma'ool [All I Can Say]
  • 6.
    Kalleemeeni [Talk to Me]
  • 7.
    Na'sha'il Amar [We Love the Moon]
  • 8.
    Leilah [One Night]
  • 9.
    [CD-Rom Track]


Just as the big three have a lot to learn from Honda, Michael Jackson has much to learn from these guys -- Fouad and Diab play ultra-sophisticated bubblegum that incorporates many international elements into a strongly Arabic sensibility. Not bland cosmopolitan mush like too many new African crossover attempts and it's not self-important isolationism either; this is a much under-appreciated music. ~ Carl Hoyt, Rovi

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