The prospect of the Jordanaires doing a tribute album of Elvis' songs was not so much a matter of "if" they were going to do one as much as "when." This reissue, originally cut for the Janus label, proves it was worth the wait, however long, and one well worth getting out there again. As in-demand as they have always been, they've sung these tunes countless times, either on the original recordings, in the movies, or behind somebody else doing a well-intentioned tribute. Although the lead vocals are no rhythmic match for the King, the harmonies are rich and impeccable and the arrangements are sparse and well-played. As these types of albums go, this one seems to be firing on most of its cylinders, right down to the stoic recitation on "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" Like the old saying goes, they ought to know how these songs go by now. ~ Cub Koda, Rovi

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