• 7.
    Rains in L.A.
  • 8.
    Rocky Balboa
  • 9.
    Somebody New
  • 10.
    The Light Between Us
  • 11.
    Make This One Last


London's Scouting for Girls offer up another radio-ready set of slick, melodic earworms on their third studio outing, the relentlessly upbeat The Light Between Us. Scouting for Girls' penchant for crafting big, hook-filled summer jams is in full swing, and their sheer exuberance, along with vocalist Roy Stride's versatile pipes, which can go from conversational lad-rock bravado to a soaring falsetto in a matter of seconds, allows standout confections like "Summertime in the City" and "Rocky Balboa" to slide down the listener's throat without injury. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi

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