"This early-'70s Krautrock band from Kamp-Lintfort, a suburb of Düsseldorf, mixed jazz, rock, avant-garde, and psychedelic music into a unique blend on their two albums. Their na..." Read more

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  • Annexus Quam - Annexus Quam (Osmose)

    Annexus Quam (Osmose)

    4 Tracks
    Label: OHR/Pilz
    "Annexus Quam's first record, originally released in 1970, is a peculiar mix of psychedelic rock and jazz, one of those distinctly Krautrock records from that era. There are plenty of spacy sou..." Read more
    • 3.
      Osmose III
    • 4.
      Osmose IV
  • Annexus Quam - Beziehungen


    4 Tracks
    Label: OHR
    "In the two years between Osmose and their second album, Beziehungen, Annexus Quam had honed their improvisational chops at many jazz festivals, pared the band down to a quintet, and were ready to d..." Read more
    • 1.
      Trobluhs el E Isch
    • 2.
      Leyenburg 1
    • 3.
      Dreh Dich Nicht Um
    • 4.
      Leyenburg 2
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