"The flamboyant multicultural Swedish dance-pop group Army of Lovers formed in 1987, the brainchild of composer and producer Alexander Bard. Five years earlier Bard first emerged..." Read more

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  • Army of Lovers - The Gods of Earth and Heaven

    The Gods of Earth and Heaven

    0 Tracks
    Label: Polydor
    "Along with the controversial hit "Israelism," Army of Lovers' third LP The Gods of Earth and Heaven features the singles "La Plage de Saint Tropez" and "I Am." ~ ..." Read more
  • Army of Lovers - Glory Glamour and Gold

    Glory Glamour and Gold

    13 Tracks
    Label: PolyGram
    • 8.
      Shine Like a Star
    • 9.
      You've Come a Long...
    • 10.
      Ballrooms of Versa...
    • 11.
      Dub Evolution
    • 12.
      Like a Virgin Sacr...
    • 13.
      Lit de Parade [Rad...
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