"Along with Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel (later Ashra) was one of the first bands to convert the trippier side of late-'60s psychedelia into the kosmische rock of the '70s. Mos..." Read more

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  • Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen


    3 Tracks
    Label: Import
    "Ash Ra Tempel's second album featured the first of several personnel changes, Klaus Schulze having departed for other realms and replaced as a result by Wolfgang Muller. A few guest players su..." Read more
    • 1.
      Light and Darkness...
    • 2.
      Light and Darkness...
    • 3.
      Suche and Liebe
  • Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel

    Ash Ra Tempel

    2 Tracks
    Label: Spalax Music
    "In light of the 1990s post-rock scene and the often clear links back to Krautrock of all stripes, Ash Ra Tempel's monster debut album stands as being both astonishingly prescient and just flat..." Read more
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