"The French duo of singer Arno Strobl (aka Alan Thursday Morning) and multi-instrumentalist Axel Wursthorn (aka Karl Zengerls) play an unlikely combination of extreme metal and d..." Read more

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  • Carnival in Coal - French Cancan

    French Cancan

    9 Tracks
    Label: Season of Mist
    "Like Carnival in Coal's first album, Vivalavida, French Cancan is an unlikely and often downright ridiculous mix of extreme death/black metal and '80s dance-pop, only this time the focus ..." Read more
  • Carnival in Coal - Collection Prestige

    Collection Prestige

    11 Tracks
    Label: Earache
    "Extremist French art-metal duo Carnival in Coal returns with Collection Prestige, an album that shows that Arno Strobl and Axel Wursthorn aren't willing to stay in one musical space. The assau..." Read more
    • 1.
      Party at Your House
    • 2.
    • 3.
      Satanic Disaster
    • 4.
      Right Click... Sav...
    • 5.
      Cartilage Holocaust
    • 6.
      The Lady and the D...
    • 7.
      Delivery Day
    • 8.
    • 9.
      Living in the Plas...
    • 10.
      D.O.A. (Drunk Once...
    • 11.
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