"Catherine Ringer is a French singer best known as the frontwoman of Les Rita Mitsouko, an influential pop/rock duo that broke through to mainstream success in 1985 with the smas..." Read more

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  • Catherine Ringer - Chante Les Rita Mitsouko and More à La Cigale

    Chante Les Rita Mitsouko and More à La Cigale

    16 Tracks
    "Recorded a year after the death of Fred Chichin, Chante les Rita Mitsouko and More a La Cigale Live is an emotionally stirring live album from the French duo's surviving member, Catherine Ring..." Read more
    • 1.
      Rendez Vous Avec M...
    • 2.
      L' Ami Ennemi
    • 3.
      C'est Comme Ça
    • 4.
      Ding Dang Dong (Ri...
    • 5.
    • 6.
      L' Importante E Fi...
    • 7.
      Meme Si
    • 8.
      Red Sails
    • 9.
      My Love Is Bad
    • 10.
      Singing in the Shower
    • 11.
      Les Histoires d'A
    • 12.
      After Hours
    • 13.
      Ma Vieille Ville
    • 14.
      Venus of Avenue D
    • 15.
    • 16.
      Marcia Baila
  • Catherine Ringer - Ring N' Roll

    Ring N' Roll

    12 Tracks
    Label: Six Sarl
    "After 2008's La Cigale live album and tribute to Nino Rota, former Les Rita Mitsouko vocalist Catherine Ringer returns with her debut solo record and first studio effort since the death of her..." Read more
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