"One of the prime figures in the growth of Krautrock, Conrad Schnitzler made important contributions to the early history of Kraftwerk and Kluster. Like many in the Krautrock com..." Read more

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  • Conrad Schnitzler - Rot [Bonus Track]

    Rot [Bonus Track]

    3 Tracks
    Label: Bureau B
    "Schnitzler's first (released) solo album, Rot, continued the atonal, avant-garde bent of his work on Tangerine Dream's first LP, Electronic Meditation. Noisy, almost industrial sounding, ..." Read more
  • Conrad Schnitzler - Constellations


    2 Tracks
    "Though it begins with a few minutes of depth-plumbing space music, Constellations soon evolves into a series of tuneless synthesizer squiggles tweaked to perfection by Schnitzler with help from his..." Read more
    • 1.
      First Constellation
    • 2.
      Second Constellation
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