"From their modest beginnings as roadies for avant-garde Swiss metal legends Celtic Frost, the members of Coroner carved out one of the most unique careers in the European thrash..." Read more

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  • Coroner - Mental Vortex

    Mental Vortex

    8 Tracks
    Label: Noise
    "Coroner's unorthodox approach to thrash metal had been turning heads and opening minds with their every release, and with album number four, 1991's Mental Vortex, the band arguably reache..." Read more
  • Coroner - Grin


    10 Tracks
    Label: JVC Compact Discs
    "Although most fans and critics will commonly point to 1991's Mental Vortex as Coroner's best all-around effort, the adventurous Swiss trio had yet to deliver one last semi-masterpiece bef..." Read more
    • 1.
      Dream Path
    • 2.
      The Lethargic Age
    • 3.
      Internal Conflicts
    • 4.
      Caveat (To the Com...
    • 5.
      Serpent Moves
    • 6.
      Status: Still Thin...
    • 7.
      Theme for Silence
    • 8.
      Paralized, Mesmerized
    • 9.
      Grin (Nails Hurt)
    • 10.
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