"Dark Angel became known in thrash metal circles for their ability to deliver some of the genre's most challenging and articulate albums without ever losing touch with its core a..." Read more

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  • Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal

    Time Does Not Heal

    0 Tracks
    Label: Relativity
    "Though some purists claim to prefer the unbridled ferocity of 1986's Darkness Descends, most experts would agree that Dark Angel only reached their creative peak with 1991's Time Does Not..." Read more
  • Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

    Darkness Descends

    7 Tracks
    Label: Combat Records
    "It took the arrival of drummer Gene Hoglan to elevate Dark Angel above the uncultivated noise fests captured on their amateurish first album, We Have Arrived; and in many ways, their follow-up 1986..." Read more
    • 1.
      Darkness Descends
    • 2.
      The Burning of Sodom
    • 3.
      Hunger of the Undead
    • 4.
      Merciless Death
    • 5.
      Death Is Certain
    • 6.
      Black Prophecies
    • 7.
      Perish in Flames
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