"Best known for his tenure fronting the hugely influential New York Dolls, David Johansen was a true chameleon; throughout the course of a career which saw him transform from a l..." Read more

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  • David Johansen - David Johansen

    David Johansen

    9 Tracks
    Label: American Beat Records
    "David Johansen's self-titled solo debut bears a closer resemblance to his work with the New York Dolls than any of his subsequent recordings, but the former Dolls singer cleverly crafted an al..." Read more
  • David Johansen - Sweet Revenge

    Sweet Revenge

    12 Tracks
    Label: M.I.L. Multimedia
    "David Johansen's 1982 live album Live It Up gained the former New York Dolls frontman some well-deserved radio and MTV airplay for his medley of a trio of hits by the Animals, but it wasn'..." Read more
    • 1.
      Heard the News
    • 2.
      Big Trouble
    • 3.
      I Ain't Workin' An...
    • 4.
      King of Babylon
    • 5.
      Sweet Revenge
    • 6.
      Too Many Midnights
    • 7.
      In My Own Time
    • 8.
      The Stinkin' Rich
    • 9.
      N.Y. Doll
    • 10.
      King of Babylon [E...
    • 11.
      Heard the News [Ex...
    • 12.
      Heard the News [*]...
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