"As the backing duo for singer Tony Orlando, Dawn was among the biggest pop acts of the '70s. Vocalists Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent (later Joyce Vincent-Wilson) got together ..." Read more

Album selection

  • Dawn - Tuneweaving


    0 Tracks
    Label: Respond 2 Entertainment
    "Dawn's third album was gifted with what is surely one of the ugliest sleeves ever concocted, unforgivable even if you accept the weak title pun (weaving and cross-stitch are scarcely interchan..." Read more
  • Dawn - Prime Time

    Prime Time

    14 Tracks
    Label: Bell
    "Dawn's fifth album ushered in a brand new day. Swerving away from the ragtime themed shenanigans that dominated their last LP, the group swung back towards the purest pop, embellished with a v..." Read more
    • 8.
      My Love Has No Pride
    • 9.
      Fancy Meeting You ...
    • 10.
      Here Comes the Spring
    • 11.
      Don't Let Go [*]
    • 12.
      I Count the Tears [*]
    • 13.
      Bring It on Home t...
    • 14.
      Save the Last Danc...
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