"Elizete Cardoso, the singer whose album Chega de Saudade launched the bossa nova, was also the first popular singer to interpret Villa-Lobos at the Municipal Theaters of São Pau..." Read more

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  • Elizeth Cardoso/Zimbo Trio/Jacob do Bandolim - Elizeth Cardoso/Zimbo Trio/Jacob do Bandolim, Vol. 1

    Elizeth Cardoso/Zimbo Trio/Jacob do Bandolim, Vol. 1

    0 Tracks
    Label: MIS
    "In 1968, upon encountering economical difficulties, the Sound and Image Museum of Rio de Janeiro (MIS) conceptualized a show with Elizeth Cardoso backed by Jacob do Bandolim, his regional Época de ..." Read more
  • Elizeth Cardoso - Elizeth Cardoso

    Elizeth Cardoso

    0 Tracks
    Label: Copacabana/EMI
    "Elizeth Cardoso (or Elizete Cardoso, as was her stage name when recorded the original LPs in question) is a fundamental Brazilian singer. Appropriately known as "the Divine," her voice wa..." Read more
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