"In a career packed with varying types of compositions, Galt MacDermot is still best-known for the music he wrote in the late-'60s Aquarian musical Hair. Born and raised in Montr..." Read more

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  • Galt MacDermot - Woman Is Sweeter

    Woman Is Sweeter

    0 Tracks
    "McDermot gets a lot of play from those funk enthusiasts who think the more obscure and unlikely an artist, the more funky he's apt to be. It's just not the case. Sure, he banged out the s..." Read more
  • Galt MacDermot - Shapes of Rhythm

    Shapes of Rhythm

    0 Tracks
    "MacDermot's best remembered for the faux funk he delivered via the soundtrack to Hair. This record is a sterling example of what he does, or did best. The effect is a lot like what the Ramsey ..." Read more
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