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  • ID M Theft Able - Cl amo/ang or/er us/e et c

    Cl amo/ang or/er us/e et c

    4 Tracks
    Label: Humbug
    "One of Id M Theft Able's first releases for a record label other than his own homespun Manga Disc, Cl amo/ang or/er us/e et c comes as a CD-Rom packaged in typical Id M fashion, with handmade ..." Read more
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      [Untitled Track]
    • 3.
      Ottawan'd Stab Con...
    • 4.
      Is Not About the L...
  • Id M Theft Able - Alice the Camel

    Alice the Camel

    1 Tracks
    Label: Mang-Disc
    "One of many homemade, hand-packaged CD-Rs from an artist who prefers to trade his artifacts or leave them in public places for the taking, Alice the Camel consists of a 54-minute audio collage perf..." Read more
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      Alice the Camel
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