"Renowned as a carioca songwriter, vocalist, and pianist, Ivan Lins recorded several albums for EMI Brasil and Reprise, as well as writing Brazilian standards. Born in 1945, Lins..." Read more

Album selection

  • Ivan Lins - A Noite

    A Noite

    10 Tracks
    Label: Toshiba EMI
    "This album contains impassioned performances of some of Lins's best-known songs -- "Antes Que SejaTarde," "Comecar de Novo" ("The Island"), and "Velas" ..." Read more
  • Ivan Lins - Vivanoel


    0 Tracks
    Label: Velas
    "Ivan Lins has been a distinguished Brazilian interpreter/composer for some decades. On this two-album project, he pays tribute to one of the best Brazilian composers of all time: Noel Rosa. The mus..." Read more
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