"While debating the merits of analog vs. digital recording in a Seattle pub, guitarist Chris Martin and bassist Lucy Atkinson were interrupted by the bartender, drummer Dave Week..." Read more

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  • Kinski - I Didn't Mean to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment

    I Didn't Mean to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment

    1 Tracks
    Label: Three Lobed
    "Kinski's contribution to Three Lobed Recordings' Modern Containment series is much more in line with the band's live alter ego Herzog, where they eschew the frenetic, hotwired Motori..." Read more
    • 1.
      I Didn't Mean to I...
  • Kinski\Paik\Surface of Eceon - Crickets and Fireflies

    Crickets and Fireflies

    0 Tracks
    Label: Music Fellowship
    "Crickets and Fireflies brings together three like-minded artists for an exercise in ambience and experimentalism. One track each from fellow Pacific Northwesterners Kinski and Surface of Eceon and ..." Read more
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