"Though Krystol never achieved a knockout smash, their efforts as a mid-'80s female R&B act ultimately helped pave the way for later luminaries such as Exposé and En Vogue. In ad..." Read more

Album selection

  • Krystol - Talk of the Town

    Talk of the Town

    0 Tracks
    Label: Epic
    "Continuing the steady electro-R&B sound prominent on Gettin' Ready, this sophomore outing adds touches of pop and includes more memorable, hook-smart tunes. On the downside, the lead vocal..." Read more
  • Krystol - Passion from a Woman

    Passion from a Woman

    0 Tracks
    Label: Funky Town Grooves
    "Krystol performed a 180 degree turn with this third set. With the untimely passing of D'Marie Warren and the departure of primary lead vocalist Karon Floyd, the group was downsized to a trio. ..." Read more
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