"One of the most important Brazilian vocal/instrumental groups of all time, MPB-4 always devoted its activities to MPB (a specific genre of Brazilian popular music employing soph..." Read more

Album selection

  • MPB-4 - Encontro Marcado Canta Milton

    Encontro Marcado Canta Milton

    0 Tracks
    Label: PolyGram
    "This original release from 1993 shows MPB-4 in great shape. One of the best vocal groups in Brazil, they have been struggling for decades -- two years later they would commemorate 30 years together..." Read more
  • MPB-4 - Sambas da Minha Terra

    Sambas da Minha Terra

    12 Tracks
    Label: Som Livre
    "This album is suited for those who like elaborated vocal renditions for swinging sambas. The MPB-4 brings its known vocal performance to an album dedicated to wonderful sambas: a medley of Dorival ..." Read more
    • 1.
      Samba Da Minha Ter...
    • 2.
      Brasil de a A Z
    • 3.
      Regra Tres/Tarde E...
    • 4.
      Diz Que Fui por Ai
    • 5.
      O Samba
    • 6.
      Camisa Amarela
    • 7.
      O Que E O Que E
    • 8.
      Samba Do Aviao
    • 9.
      Virou Areia
    • 10.
      Foi Um Rio Que Pas...
    • 11.
    • 12.
      Nascido E Mal Pago...
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