"Salsa legend Marvin Santiago was born December 26, 1947, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Marvin was born into a musically active family. His brother (Billivan Santiago) became a succe..." Read more

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  • Marvin Santiago - Fuego a La Jicotea [TH Rodven]

    Fuego a La Jicotea [TH Rodven]

    8 Tracks
    Label: Rodven Records
    "Fast, funny, and furious is what can best describe Santiago's TH debut. This is the one with all his now-trademark hits: the title tune, "El Mangoneo," "La Picúa," and his ..." Read more
    • 5.
      La Picúa
    • 6.
      Si Dios Me Quita l...
    • 7.
      Me Mata O la Mato
    • 8.
  • Marvin Santiago - Caliente Y Explosivo

    Caliente Y Explosivo

    8 Tracks
    Label: Rodven Records
    "Marvin Santiago's follow-up to Fuego a la Jicotea is just as kinetic as the first, with the artist at the peak of his improvisational powers. "Al Son de la Lata Baila el Chorizo," &q..." Read more
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