"Mercer Ellington had the impossible task of trying to escape from his father Duke Ellington's shadow and he never really succeeded, perhaps not trying hard enough. He studied mu..." Read more

Album selection

  • Mercer Ellington - Black and Tan Fantasy

    Black and Tan Fantasy

    0 Tracks
    Label: MCA
    "Throughout his erratic life in music, Mercer Ellington made several attempts to put together bands but none caught on. During 1958-59 he borrowed most of the Duke Ellington Orchestra (using either ..." Read more
  • Mercer Ellington - Hot and Bothered

    Hot and Bothered

    0 Tracks
    Label: Doctor Jazz
    "Probably the best example of the Mercer Ellington Orchestra of the 1980s, this LP has new and revised versions of nine vintage Duke Ellington compositions/arrangements, all dating before 1935. Whet..." Read more
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